- Combocharger -

Innovative solution

EV Charge decided to combine an innovative solution, i.e., composite poles, with electric car chargers. The Combocharger is a two-point charging station (2x7,4kW, Type 2 sockets) for electric vehicles.

The charger was built into a composite lighting pole. This solution perfectly combines the possibility of charging electric vehicles with lighting the charging point. The pole made of composites can have any shape and color. Architects and designers can design the charger to the current aesthetics, so it can become an element that beautifies the public space.

Combocharger is a charger dedicated to customers who want to raise the standard of their facilities, in line with the general trends related to electromobility and ecology. They are also an excellent solution for local governments, which are legally obliged to develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Composite is a material friendly to our health and the environment

- Details -

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Our goal is to provide innovative products that support the rapid development of electromobility. We enable the effective expansion of the electric vehicle charging network using the existing and new lighting infrastructure.


  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • sports facilities
  • shopping centers
  • office buildings
  • city and communal offices
  • post offices
  • parking lots at cultural facilities
  • neighborhood car parks

Technical parameters

  • charging - 2 x 7,4kW , Type 2
  • phase protection – MCB 32A, RCCB class B
  • energy measurement - MID
  • authorization - RFID, GSM
  • IP54
  • IK10


  • the possibility of mounting the charger on the existing or new network supplying external lighting
  • for local governments to fulfill the obligations arising from the provisions of the Act on electromobility
  • a great way to attract new customers for hotel and catering facilities
  • raising the standard and image of the facility
  • pro-ecological investment
  • combination of charging and lighting functions
  • ease and complete safety of operation - the composite is an excellent insulator
  • resistance to external factors and vandalism - the charger is mounted inside the pole
  • use of lighting poles as the location of the charging station optimal for users (parking lots, parking bays)
  • possibility of installing additional devices inside the pole, e.g. motion sensors, WiFi routers
  • no need to apply for an additional power allocation (existing locations)

- News -

January 13, 2021

Meeting at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco


We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the management board of EV Charge visited the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Warsaw. The meeting was held at the invitation of Mr. Abderrahim Atmoun, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco in Poland.
During the meeting, among others, investment opportunities in the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Morocco were discussed. They talked about the development potential, tax benefits and key economic values of Morocco as a safe place for investment and a business gateway to further expansion on the African continent.
A declaration was signed on long-term partnership participation in investment projects to be implemented in the Kingdom of Morocco.
We hope that in the near future this meeting will result in the successive implementation of projects in areas where EV Charge will be able to participate not only as a supplier of high-quality products, but also as a partner serving with its knowledge and experience.
We kindly thank the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Warsaw, and above all, Ambassador Abderrahim Atmoun, for the wonderful welcome of our delegation.
As far as participation in potential investment projects in Morocco is concerned, EV Charge is represented by the international law firm RJ & Partners and personally by Robert Jędrzejczyk - Managing Partner of the law firm.

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- EU grants -

As part of "Pilot Maker Electro Scale Up"

The company is implementing a project co-financed by the European Union under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority axis II: Support for the environment and the potential of enterprises to conduct R & D & I activities, Activities 2.4 Cooperation under the national innovation system, Sub-measures 2.4.1 of Center analyzes and pilot projects of new instruments inno_LAB pilot project "Electro ScaleUp"


From May 2020, EV Charge is a supporting member of the Polish Alternative Fuels Association.

The result of this cooperation is EV Charge's invitation to the ELAB - City of Clean Transport project, organized by PSPA together with the city of Łódź. In October 2020, PSPA launched its largest ever project to compare the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of electric cars and their conventional counterparts. The study will take into account the benefits of co-financing programs launched by the National Fund for Environment and Water Management. As part of the project, EV Charge provided a Combocharger charging station, which was installed in the IKEA car park.